"An effective Business Presentation is not about wordy slide
decks, PowerPoint tricks, or public speaking."
The Unparalleled Value of Face-to-Face Communication
Tap audience passion and create a pathway that no other medium can equal.
The Art and Science of Persuasion and Decision-Making
Structure messages that move an audience from inaction to enthusiastic. Learn Practices backed by cognitive theory, neuropsychology, instructional design, and message strategy.
The Craft of Business Storytelling
A presentation is a story. Not data, lists, facts. We learn by examples. Analogy. Finding the familiar in the unfamiliar. Make your story... the audience's story.
The Power of Visuals and Techniques of Storyboarding
Exploit the power of visuals, moving beyond bullets and verbose text. Find images that replace words. Drive attention, retention, action. Storyboard as professionals do---converting ideas to memorable, clear, engaging visuals---the right kind of visuals. How, why, and when to use picture, word, visual analogy, and when NOT to use them.
The Leveraging of Presentation Technology
PowerPoint is chock-a-block with pitfalls that belie that last decade of research in learning and persuasion. Use technology better and more efficiently.
The Unbounded Vision and Creativity You May Not Know You Have
Too many people believe they have neither the time nor talent to be creative and inventive. Bunk.
Practical tools to see, think, and communicate creatively, with insight and imagination.
A Process for Remarkable Efficiency
Streamline the process. Be organized, productive, and in control. Enjoy tools, checklists, flowcharts, and guidelines that cut wasted time and exasperation, decrease costs, reduce cognitive fatigue, track ROI, and keep things from biting you in the tooshy.



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